Google Pixel 7a: a compelling budget Android in a crowded market

If you’re not familiar with Google’s “a” series of Pixel phones and are wondering why we’re reviewing another Pixel 7 that looks almost identical to the model that was released in October of last year, then we’ll get you up to speed. Each year, Google releases a duo of Pixel smartphones in the Autumn time, and roughly seven months later it follows up with a cheaper model with a similar design and spec sheet, with a few corners cut in order to bring the price down. 

Hence, we have the Pixel 7a – a budget Android phone that looks almost identical to the flagship Pixel 7, both in looks and on paper. So should you spend the extra money and get the flagship model? Or will this wallet-friendly Android smartphone suffice, especially when it comes to picture and sound?


2023-05-26 11:08:23