Need Help Conceiving a Baby? Avoid Giving Up and Instead Invest in Your Education

Knowing that you are having problems conceiving can be really stressful. The experience of having a child is supposed to be a happy one, but many modern couples are surprised to learn how challenging it may be to start a family. Whether they are on the elder side or just having a rough time, they will find it to be a terrifying ordeal.

There is a wide variety of reasons why so many couples have difficulty conceiving. Most couples believe they are having pregnancy problems because they have tried for several months without success. Actually, this is rather common and even to be expected. It is common for couples to try to conceive for a year or more before they finally succeed.

Many people today practise the timing method, in which they keep track of their ovulation cycles and engage in sexual activity only when they believe they are fertile. Even though this is a great method that all couples who are having difficulty conceiving should follow, it is sometimes misunderstood. For a number of reasons, it is not a good idea for couples to limit their sexual activity to when the woman is ovulating. It is easy to miscalculate and end up with a poorly timed cycle. Your husband’s sperm count will benefit from his and your regular sex activity. Just once a month is not consistent; more frequent frequency is expected. Also, if you only ever have sex around one time of the month, it can feel forced and unnatural. While it has not been conclusively demonstrated, my research and reading suggest that this may have a detrimental impact on your success rate.

When trying to conceive, poor dietary habits and substance abuse are typically cited as contributing factors. People’s minds immediately jump to heroin and cocaine when you hear “drugs,” but I am referring to everything that can be considered a drug, including nicotine, alcohol, and coffee. Caffeine consumption has been associated in studies to decreased fertility in women. My inquiry is this: how committed are you to starting a family? If you answered “very,” then you should do all in your power to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. After all, I have no doubt that the happiness of your first kid will more than make up for the few months of ‘non coffee’ agony that you have to go through.

Negative self-talk, especially when it comes to a woman’s inability to conceive, is another factor that can contribute to her difficulties in conceiving. Despite the seeming paradox, it is not uncommon for people who are having problems conceiving to begin worrying that they may be infertile, which in turn increases the stress already present in their bodies. The reality is that it can take many couples a year or more to conceive, so there is really no reason to worry about it. However, the stress that many people feel during this time might have a bad effect on their fertility.
Is Trying to Conceive Proving Difficult for You?

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