The Educational Fun of Diego and Dora Games

Children’s television icons Diego and Dora have inspired video games for kids.

Dora is the younger cousin of Diego Márquez, an animal rescuer of 8 years. With the help of Baby Jaguar, Diego is able to save more creatures.

Alicia, Diego’s older sister, is a computer wiz and a bilingual expert. She takes care of all the animal rescue calls and is just as passionate about animals as Diego is. Alicia is responsible, has a good nature, and does the work of an adult, while being just 11 years old.

Diego’s animal-scientist parents make cameo appearances in multiple episodes but remain nameless throughout the series. Daisy, Dora and Diego’s older sister, makes an appearance in three episodes of the Spanish-language version of Dora the Explorer that airs on Univision. Daisy is fifteen years old.

In most episodes, Diego is stationed in the Animal Rescue Center in the rainforest after hearing the animals’ screams for aid.

The original TV show,Go Diego go which created may of the characters, has also inspired scores of games. Children between the ages of 4 and 6 can tag along with Diego on an African safari in the popular Safari Rescue adaptation. When the evil magician transforms the animals, Diego and his pals set out on a rescue expedition, armed with a magic drum and their own magical abilities. Diego can restore the zebras’ stripes, animate stone elephants, and lengthen giraffe necks that have been artificially reduced.

Games featuring Diego and Dora are available for the Wii and Xbox.

And the Wii games might be more fun because of the added interactivity.

Nicktoons has done research on how to improve the Wii controller experience for preschoolers. Some games allow players to swim or dig as though they were in the real world. There is not much pressure to win in the Diego and Dora games, so kids may work on their coordination and communication skills while having fun. An extra remote allows for multiplayer action, double the amount of enjoyment.
There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about animals in the games, and the games’ frequent use of animations can assist hold the attention of young players, who may have shorter attention spans.

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