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Meghan Markle ramps up public appearances: ‘No accident’

Meghan Markle is reportedly signaling her return to the public sphere, with indications that she has significant plans for her future. Royal biographer Emily Andrews, in conversation with Woman Magazine, revealed that the Duchess of Sussex’s recent public outings were not mere coincidences but strategic moves as part of a calculated effort to re-enter the public eye in anticipation of her career relaunch.

“It wasn’t by chance that we saw more of Meghan over the summer than in the entire previous year,” Andrews noted.

The former Suits actress, known for her earlier preference for a quieter life, was observed engaging in activities such as shopping at farmer’s markets, attending parties, and enjoying time with friends, including watching Barbie. This departure from her previous low-key lifestyle has raised speculation about her intentions.

While the specifics of her comeback plans remain undisclosed, Andrews suggested that her public appearances hinted at a “new money-making venture.”

“She has made the decision to lead a more open life, and the ‘relaunch’ facilitated by her new Hollywood representation at William Morris Endeavour (WME) began with a series of photographs and reports in August to build momentum for a potential new venture to generate income,” Andrews added.

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