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King Charles ‘accepts’ Princess Diana’s ghostly appearance in The Crown

King Charles has purportedly ’embraced’ the portrayal of his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, in the sixth season of The Crown. Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, in conversation with Daily Star, shared insights into the monarch’s perspective, indicating that King Charles and Camilla view the depiction of the late Princess of Wales on the Netflix series as a form of art.

“According to sources close to the King and Queen, they perceive it as an artistic representation,” Schofield stated.

“Introduce a ghost, and even the most unsuspecting television viewer grasps that they’re engaging with fiction. The King advocates for artistic freedom and creativity, so I don’t believe he would kick up a fuss, but he has reportedly conveyed privately that he does not align with his character in The Crown.”

For those unfamiliar, The Crown’s creators unveiled Princess Diana as a spectral presence following her death in a car accident in the fifth season.

The ethereal rendition of Princess Diana purportedly did not sit well with Prince William, who, according to the commentator, was reportedly ‘disturbed.’

“I can imagine what might trouble Prince William even more is the notion that Ghost Diana allegedly informs Charles that things will be simpler for him without her,” she remarked.

“While it certainly contributes to the enduring Diana martyr narrative, Prince William is likely to disagree vehemently that losing his mother had any benefits. He would prefer to have his mom.”

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